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5315 Gulf Dr. in Holmes Beach, FL Call (941) 778-0411

What's the Beach Bistro?

For such a tiny restaurant the Beach Bistro has won a lot of prizes...


The Bistro has remained at the top of the ZAGAT scoring system since ZAGAT’S inception. It consistently ranks in ZAGAT's "Top Restaurants in America" and is a long time member of Florida Trend's "Golden Spoon Hall of Fame."

The eat here restaurants were built to give patrons the chance to enjoy Bistro-style flavors with a casual dining environment and an "every day" price point. They also give young waiters and chefs in the Bistro family an opportunity to run their own restaurants. A Beach Bistro dinner is a very elegant, special occasion with linens, roses and the world's best proteins. A meal at eat here can be a great way to enjoy a flavorful repast and a few beers with friends or an opportunity to treat the kids and give a Mom a break.


The Bistro serves a phenomenal domestic rack of lamb - eat here has helluva a pot roast. Beach Bistro serves a world-class Bouillabaisse - eat here has a phenomenal seafood stew.

eat here's commitment to real, safe American-sourced protein, bountiful local produce, and wild-caught seafood is a Bistro-based commitment.