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5315 Gulf Dr. in Holmes Beach, FL Call (941) 778-0411

The Name

51The “eat here” name was a starting point. It was so basic and unpretentious that is seemed almost perfect - a meal that was focussed on food quality without frills and appointments…It said, “Hey you…eat here!

The name itself has developed a unique humor history. It is amazing how many people get it wrong. We’ve heard humorous various such as “eat me,” “eat you,” and “eat it.”

A lady once told Sean, "I love the food here, but I hate the name." He replied, "...well ma'm you may hate the name, but you are still thinking about it."

The eat here chefs take all the of the flavor components and skills trained at the Beach Bistro and apply them to more accessible, less expensive food products. We feature fresh, line-caught seafood and local farm products of exceptional quality, which are masterfully presented with Bistro style presentations and preparations.

The Beach Bistro serves the world’s best, domestic, ranch-lands lamb from Colorado. At eat here, we have a helluva pot roast and fantastic meat loaf. The Beach Bistro serves a world class Bouillabaisse. At eat here, we have an amazing seafood stew. 

eat here also plays with popular American foods like inspired pizza, creative tacos, inventive salads and vegetarian dishes.

Interesting aside - It is intriguing how we settled on the word “eat” before it became such a popular term in American and European food culture. We are beginning to see it everywhere…cool!

eat here on Anna Maria Island
eat here opened quietly in a little strip mall on Anna Maria Island about a par three distance from the Beach Bistro. It was like a little brother that needed to state his own identity.

“We are not the Beach Bistro. But our food is great.”
To jolt people’s expectations and differentiate from the Bistro experience, we used clipboards for menus, home-style kitchen towels for napkins and “jailhouse silver” for service utensils.

Our “silver” is mismatched. We tell people it’s a set because it was purchased at Goodwill on the same day. Why? It is difficult to expect a formal fine dining experience with a “jailhouse” fork in your hand.

Our service style at eat here is more casual, quicker and lighter. We pay less attention to strict coursing and emphasize that food must get to the table when it’s best - as soon as a dish hits the plate, we deliver it to the table. We utilize a variety of plating styles that lend themselves to sharing and the comforts of family-style dining.

The atmosphere is relaxed but sophisticated. Our walls are adorned by the artwork of Jeff Tarr, the residential artist of eat here and Beach Bistro. Jeff’s paintings are recognized for their accomplished workmanship and style. He has a poet’s vision for drama and humor. Each space is accented with artisanal crafted sculptures and reclaimed furnishings that lend to the eat here culture.