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The eat here Story

IMG 9485For over 29 years, Sean Murphy and his wife Susan Timmins have operated the Beach Bistro with a commitment to the highest standards of culinary excellence and service.

Sean attributes the success of the Beach Bistro to the strength of their team. “They understand that our craft requires two major commitments…that what we do must be done perfectly and that we must be relentless in the pursuit of that perfection.”

Sean and Susan guided the development of a group of talented young people who were ready to broaden their horizons and operate quality restaurants of their own. It became time to create a platform that would help members of the Beach Bistro family spread their culinary wings.

The concept behind Sean’s new restaurant required a departure from the Beach Bistro’s “fine dining” success. There was no need for another top end, special occasion restaurant and there most certainly weren’t any other locations as beautiful or daring as the Bistro’s surf-side perch.

The Bistro performs in a rarified atmosphere reserved to the best restaurants in the country. It offers only the best food products in the world. Ingredients that are precious, expensive and difficult to acquire.

It is both an honor and a daunting responsibility to assure that these food products are masterfully and consistently prepared. We wanted to lighten up and have a little fun, so we built something “Bistro-lite,” a little more light-hearted and less sacrosanct.

We also saw the need for something neighborhood-friendly. We wanted a place where the whole family could enjoy a meal together every night of the week, and we appreciated that our neighbors are folks on a budget.

We also realized that any restaurant with the Beach Bistro bloodlines was going to face exceptionally high expectations. So we scrapped the frills and the fine appointments of linens, roses and fancy service ware and focused on great food at a more every-day price point.

And to help bridge that gap we needed something else… a sense of humor.