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The happiest countries on earth have in common a culture of sharing meals. We hope that eat here’s focus on plates for tasting and sharing lends itself to a happy evening. Our ingredients are fresh and chef-crafted. Every dish will be delivered to your table as soon as it is completed to  present the best possible flavor profile. 

soup and salads

better than any frenchman’s onion soup
caramelized sweet onions in stock with hints of sherry and cognac, crowned with emmenthal | 10

serendipitous salad fresh greens, cheeses, croutons, tomato, garden veggies and anything “salady” that grabs us | 11.75

classic caeser salad with an itty bitty kale garnish | 10.75

keenwa (quinoa) vegan with garbanzos, red pepper, carrots, currants, and apricots | 10

fine chopped kale salad with currants and roasted almonds. diced little – less chewing | 10

kale and keenwa combo | 11

the titanic chilled iceberg lettuce and blue cheese crumbles with basil-roasted tomatoes, a sprinkle of bacon and blueberries | 11.75
the last thing the titanic passengers saw….iceberg and blue

quinoa salad | titanic | seredipitous salad | bistro tomato soup

tacos with eat here slaw and a soupçon of aïoli and fruit salsa

lobster and shrimp kissed with garlic butter and lime | 17.5

chef's pick check the boards or consult your waiter guide | priced daily

wood stone pizzas

sausage chef-made sausages and mozzarella, basil and arugula | 12

veggie  roasted peppers, oven roasted tomatoes and whatever else | 11 

chef’s pick talk to your waiter | priced daily

chicken wings - at hanks across the street...

hand-crafted woodstone pizzas | best fish tacos in sarasota

beginnings, smaller or sharing

garlic potato chips blue cheese for dipping | 9

better bruschetta slow-roasted roma tomatoes with tapenade and pesto, served with garlic-butter toasted focaccia | 11

poutine house fries and debris demi-glace, with a healthy dose of parmesan | 10
no curds in the poutine…attracts spiders…frightened little miss muffet….

tempura’d beets lightly battered (but not beaten), with chèvre and crème fraîche, "because sean’s grandmother would roll over in her grave" | 11.5

hickory house-smoked fish dip   local fish, chef’s pick | 12.5

heart attack hot dog all beef hot dog, bacon wrapped, deep fried, trickled with truffle butter on garlic-buttered roll- side of béarnaise comes with a short form will | 11.75

seattle style grilled cheese  muenster & gruyère with caramelized onions and a little french dip  | 11   ...with applewood smoked bacon and vine-ripe tomatoes | 13

island style ribs st.louis cut, crisped in the fryer, tossed with herbed garlic butter and bell pepper papaya jam or thai mustard | lighter 14 | full 21


beginings website

blue plate specials, grasslands

free range yardbird  chef's preparations vary | priced daily          

marvelous veal meatloaf  with farmed mushrooms, pan gravy and mashed, voted the best in town | 21

not mama’s pot roast
port braised, roasted shallots, sweet carrots and roasted fingerlings | 23

tenderloin coffee and coriander crusted | 4 oz. 21 | 8 oz. 35

fire roasted veggie platterserendipitous | lighter 14 | full 18



focaccia garlic toast | 4

plump sweet corn casserole 
| 7

roasted green beans 
| 7    

house french fries  
| 6

quinoa vegan
 | 5

chopped kale
 | 5  

brussels sprouts roasted vegan or with bacon | 8


better than soda all of the flavor – none of the booze… by the carafe, ‘cuz one ain’t enough

fresh lemonade we squeeze it, you drink it 
Price: 5

“T” for today check with your waiter, passionberry is a favorite
Price: 5

fair trade coffee from Madan Estate in Papua, New Guinea, great complex roast
Price: 3


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*Menu items are subject to change per location according to availability and the whims of our world-class chef teams.