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5315 Gulf Dr. in Holmes Beach, FL Call (941) 778-0411


since we don't serve liquor at eat here anna maria kitchen, we get creative with wine-based cocktail features.  they change daily but here's a taste of some you may see...

lavender sparkler...housemade lavender syrup and a twist of lemon floated into prosecco

fresh fruit fizz...fresh pineapple purée and sparkling moscato on the rocks with a sprig of basil to garnish...served with a fancy straw

mango jalepeño spritzer...fresh mango purée and cava (a.k.a. sparkling wine from spain) on the rocks with a jalapeño wheel for a tiny kick...also served with a fancy straw 

fruit fizz

*Menu items are subject to change per location according to availability and the whims of our world-class chef teams.