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Thursday, 09 January 2014 01:53

New Rooftop Bar featured in Ticket Sarasota

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Eat here in downtown Sarasota has accomplished a great deal in last year. We've been selected by Sarasota Trend as one of the best new restaurants in Florida and by nearly all of Sarasota media as one of the best new restaurants in the area. In the last year, we've managed to assist in the refurbishment of the fountain nesseled in Sarasota's favorite urban park...right in front of the restaurant. We've even installed new lighting for the greenery and benches for passing downtowners.

Most recently, we managed to crane lift a giant red spiral staircase through the awning of the restaurant. It was quite nervewracking watching all that metal dangle over the patio seating and sustainable rolling bar.

So why all the hustle in 2013? 

When we picked the location for our newest eat here restaurant, it was a little bigger than Operating Founder Sean Murphy would have liked it to be. There was only one thing to do with the extra a bar.

After months of lifting, nailing, painting and boozing, we've finally launched, and we're excited to have been well recieved by the surrounding community.

We'd like to thank @LeveyBaker with the Herald Tribune and Ticket Sarasota for the glowing review. We've included a short snippet below...because we're that proud. The full article can be found in the Cheap Eats section of Ticket Sarasota. 

Rooftop's Sazerac is out of this world, with a strong dose of rye and a wash of absinthe that stings and then numbs your lips. So many "craft cocktail" places these days simply water down their liquor with sugary flavorings; Rooftop allows the core alcohols to shine through.

OK, the booze is great, but what about the food? Rooftop has its own menu, distinct from Eat Here, with nothing that runs above $10. The bar's smoked salmon pizza is small but filling at $9, the biggest surprise being that every inch of the small football-shaped dough is covered with fish instead of being huddled into the center. The salmon sits atop a generous smear of crème fraîche, with julienned basil decorating its flesh. The small pizza is a hit, with the aggressive smoke and salt of the fish mellowed out by the lactose below. The crust isn't cracker-crisp à la Il Panificio, but it's thin enough that the 'za doesn't taste like a hunk of bread with stuff thrown on it. It's a hit.

Hop over to the Ticket Sarasota for the full article. We'll leave you with a time-lapse video of the staircase installation. :-)




The Eat Here restaurants celebrate chef-crafted, Gulf Coast cookery and creative cocktails. Eat Here on Anna Maria Island and in Sarasota were recently selected as two of Florida’s “best new restaurants” as part of Florida Trend’s Golden Spoon Awards. Eat Here is located at 1888 Main St., Sarasota, 941-365-8700, 240 Avenida Madera, Sarasota, 941-346-7800, 5315 Gulf Dr., Holmes Beach, 941-778-0411.